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Managed WiFi

Integrate in your workspaces a WiFi solution without constraints. Together with the EUDC support team, you can operate an integrated WIFi system without worries involving structured cabling, operation of WiFi access points, routers or switches. EUDC deals with design and supply, up to installation and operation.
Complete design
Flexible implementation
Secure controller
High security
Reports as a Service
Complete control
WiFi solution in just 3 steps !


EUDC will meet you at your individual location in order to evaluate the technical solution. Indoor solutions: office spaces, buildings Outdoor solutions: work sites, large perimeters Public spaces: Markets, Parks, Malls or exotic locations.


EUDC implements the customized WiFi solution and supplies the equipment.


The WiFi solution is Live! Access point or Firewall function configurations, resource allocations and report issuance are facilities made available by EUDC on request and regularly as needed.