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A data center (Data Center) is a physical location dedicated to the protection and care of data, as well as the storage, processing, management and transmission of information in digital format.

Components of the physical and digital security standards of the computing centers mirror those in the military field. The position of a Data Center is a strategic one. Security and availability are the main priorities.

The real benefit for clients is hosting the entire IT infrastructure in their own data center. EUDC is the Service Provider, respectively the sole owner of the Euro Data Center in Brasov County. EUDC provides IT infrastructure as a service (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), on its own equipment, from its own data center built in 2014 in Brasov, respectively in Kyndryl Petrom City Bucharest, properties of OMV-Petrom and IBM Corporation. EUDC’s clients range from web startup companies, multinational companies and financial-banking organizations to global telecommunications operators.

The design and implementation of the Euro Data Center were carried out by IBM Corporation. The modular-scalable design, hereinafter referred to as SMDC (Scalable Modular Data Center), allows high flexibility regarding colocation and virtualization, respectively the rapid installation of cabinets of up to 25 KW installed power and the raising of entire clusters of virtual machines in a few minutes. Access to the Data Center represents authentication through 6 zones: security personnel, RFID and biometric access. 24/7 security, CISCO ASA 5xxx-grade Firewalls, are standard in Euro Data Center.

EUDC promotes the “Carrier-Neutral” or “Net-Neutral” approach and offers its clients the flexibility to interconnect with any type of data operator, local or international. Cross-Connect in the EUDC Telco Room or in the Kyndryl Petrom City WAN room offers complete flexibility.

The essential parameter for a data center is the uninterrupted operation time (uptime) from the initial start-up date. Euro Data Center has recorded an uptime of 99.999% since its launch in 2014.
EUDC products include a wide range of IT services in the Cloud, from dedicated physical servers to complex Disaster Recovery solutions interconnected through international redundant networks with the main offices of our clients in a neutral regime (Net Neutral).
Valeriu Nistor
IBM Romania
Country Director

Using advanced expertise and design tools, we developed a solution based on the latest technologies for data centers to help the client quickly implement IT and communications solutions, ensuring increased flexibility, a reduction in operational costs, complexity and the risks.

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