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Cloud Computing

EUDC offers companies a Public or Private Cloud service based on High Performance Computing infrastructure virtualized with VMware vSphere and vCloud Director technology. It allows the quick and easy creation of a virtual server or a cluster of virtual servers, configurable according to the needs of each organization and hosted on high-performance, redundant physical virtual machines.

EUDC Cloud Computing is a complementary product with Internet Connection and Cloud Storage.

The transition to the Cloud allows you to streamline the IT department’s activity, reduce expenses and benefit from an increased degree of flexibility and control of the infrastructure.

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Storage Area Network (SAN)
Online scalability
High Availability (HA) Function
Service Level guaranteed
IBM Storwize platform
Welcome to the future!

High Performance

Next-gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, 10Gbps Nexus 7K switching and Fiber Channel SAN Storage offer high performance for efficient operations in cloud environments.

Flexible Scalability

The Core level of virtualization implemented in the Euro Data Center allows flexible scaling without downtime when computing and storage resources are available.

Unlimited Traffic

At EUDC we believe in the freedom to generate traffic on the Internet. That is why we offer our clients unlimited outbound traffic for any of the connections offered. Carrier Neutral.

Technical support

Initial migration, OS provisioning and scaling are included. Remote hands 24/7 according to EUDC TCG and SLA. You are in good hands!


Protect yourself with Cisco ASA 5xxx Series or FortiNet and benefit from authentication, confidentiality and data integrity protocols. VPN or 24/7 monitoring and personal reports.


Every business has different needs. That's why, at EUDC, you can customize your virtual machines with resources and applications dedicated to your needs using the EUDC configurator.

Set up your own server in 3 simple and quick steps


Processors / RAM memories / Storage spaces / Operating systems / Firewalls / Anti-virus solutions / Database applications


Test the solution for free! You may have under- or over-sized the system. There is no problem. You can scale flexibly.


After you have checked and tested the customized solution, the virtual server is ready for launch. All in just a few minutes.

Benefit from flexible IT services, on demand, by using shared resources

HYPER-V Private Cloud
Based on Azure Stack HCI, it is a hyperconverted Windows Server 2019 cluster that uses validated hardware to run virtualized workloads on premises. Azure Stack HCI solutions use Microsoft-validated hardware to ensure optimal performance and reliability and include support for technologies such as NVMe drives, persistent memory, and network direct memory access (RDMA).
Azure Stack HCI
The hyperconverged solution from Microsoft, which combines several products:
Consolidation of virtualized workloads
Consolidate old applications on an efficient, hyperconverged infrastructure. Use cloud efficiency to run hyper-scale data centers such as Microsoft Azure.

The benefits of the HCI solution

High-level integrated computing / storage solutions available on request, easy to provide new IT services and reduce deployment time. A better performance and a reduced total cost.
Efficient hyperconversation
Azure Stack HCI solutions bring together highly virtualized computing, storage and networking power on industry-standard x86 servers and components. Combining resources in the same cluster facilitates use, management and scaling. Manage with the choice of command line automation or Windows Admin Center. Get top performance for your server applications with Hyper-V, Microsoft Cloud’s core hypervisor technology, and Storage Spaces Direct technology with integrated support for NVMe, persistent memory, and direct memory access (RDMA) networks. Keep applications and data safe with protected virtual machines, micro network segmentation and native encryption.
Management tools and System Center
Azure Stack HCI uses the same virtualization and storage software as Azure Stack Hub. However, with Azure Stack HCI we have full administration rights over the cluster and can manage any of its technologies:
To manage these technologies, we use the following management tools: