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Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) represents workstation access in a virtual, secure and controlled environment. In private Cloud, or Public Cloud, the final service, respectively the user experience is called Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
Workstation cost outsourcing
Complete control of workstations
EUDC Thin Client management
Flexible limitation of resources
Increased security
Integration with Cloud services

Currently, the need to access the desktop anywhere and however it works is imperative. The user pays for a service, respectively fixes the cost, and uses the most modern communication protocol Nvidia Blast Extreme to replicate his desktop on any kind of device, without down-time, anytime and anywhere.

When the user, respectively the operator of the digital device (smartphone, tablet, PC) has all the tools at his disposal to carry out his activity in a stable, secure and scalable regime, the business runs in optimal parameters and without down-time .

The control and precision of the (financial) estimation of business plans are fundamental, and even critical within organizations. The possibility to calculate as precisely and transparently as possible the efforts and costs for a given period is essential. One of the main virtues of IT services is that of structuring these business processes (operational and financial). Regardless of the sector, IT is present.


An organization is more agile when it can scale its IT resources “on demand” and is more flexible when it manages to fix its cost with IT for the future periods in which it undertakes its activities.

The flexibility offered by EUDC through the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) service provides a more accurate predictability of the organization’s cost of desktops (and implicitly IT resources) and provides agility through downgrades and upgrades on demand.
On request, EUDC also provides (managed) Thin Clients, as-a-service for Enterprise organizations with included keyboards and mice.

EUDC, powered by VMware Horizon, Microsoft Windows 10 VDA Licensing and Nvidia GRID offers for the first time VDI (Virtual Desktop) in “on demand” mode in the Cloud from its own Data Center.

Regardless of the size of your business, you can raise up to 500 desktops per dedicated cluster, and you can replicate them from anywhere in the world through independent and secure access (iOS, Android, MS Windows, Linux).

Depending on the nature and business objectives of the organization, the virtual desktop can serve different needs:

Integrated control of workstations

Virtualize your workstations in a secure and redundant environment. You can transfer Microsoft licenses from old PCs to the new infrastructure. Depending on the needs and budget of your department, you can keep the old PCs to use them as a direct access mode to the new desktops hosted in the Data Center. Otherwise, EUDC provides modern generations of Thin Clients.

Together with EUDC Infrastructure as a Service (VPS and Cloud Storage) you can define access rights for different volumes of data, classifications and customizable configurations.

EUDC offers the possibility to estimate and specify IT costs in a transparent economic and functional regime by accessing the VDI configurator.