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Euro Data Center® Brasov and IBM® Petrom City Bucharest


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IT as a Service - EUDC provides Infrastructure- and Platform-as-a-Service from Euro Data Center and IBM Petrom City data centers.

Choose between three branches: Data Center, Carrier and Cloud Services.

Protect your virtualized workloads from unforeseen system failures. The Disaster Recovery service provides you with a secondary location for data backup and management, guaranteeing your data and the continued operation of your applications.

Replication and back-up solutions in two locations: Euro Data Center and IBM Petrom City.

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EUDC operates from atomic shelter-housed Euro Data Center in Transylvania, Romania and IBM Petrom City Bucharest, Romania.



High Performance Computing supported by dedicated clusters and SAN switching. High Density power and cooling with up to 25KW per 42U Rack.



Network Operations Command Center (NOCC) available 24/7. On-site physical security 24/7. Agile and flexible migration support, configurations and scaling.

EUDC offers services based on geographical redundancy in neutral computing centers.

Euro Data Center is located in the center of Romania, in Brasov, between the Curvature Carpathians and the Southern Carpathians. It is protected in the Local Anti-Aircraft Shelter.

IBM Petrom City is located in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, on a seismic plate separate from that of Brasov.

The two computing centers, located 170km away and 500m altitude difference, are interconnected with guaranteed band width and with capacities up to 10 Gbps.

Through advanced expertise and the use of project design instruments, we developed a solution based on modern technologies in data centers in order to facilitate the client's ease of rapid implementation of IT and Telecommunication services and infrastructure. We assure enhanced flexibility, reduced operational costs, complexities and risks.

Valeriu Nistor

Country Director, IBM Romania, 2014

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