Managed WiFi

Integrate within your business space a robust and secure WiFi solution. Our Network team delivers professional services from surveying, assessing and projecting individually every customer’s business space. Structured cabling is included for an independent and secure WiFi solution. EUDC installs, provisions and operates in a managed-service model the WiFi infrastructure.

Complete design
Flexible installation
Secured on-site or Cloud Controller
CISCO- and FortiNet-grade security
Custom Reports
Complete control

EUDC WiFi in three steps


The EUDC WiFi-Network team surveys the customer's premises:
Indoor spaces: Office space / buildings
Outdoor spaces: Open sites / audited perimeters
Special spaces: Public Squares, Malls or remote locations.


EUDC installs cabling and equipment based on customer needs. Provisioning is based on the (A)on-site vs. (B)off-site model.


WiFi is live!
Extract needed reports, set bandwidths, group policies on demand within a managed service model.

Does your business need an end-to-end WiFi solution?