Cloud Storage

EUDC offers a redundant server and storage platform powered by a powerful IBM-Brocade SAN switching hosted in geo-redundant data centers. Connect your enterprise network to a secure and fast storage platform through iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, Windows Enterprise.

Unlimited traffic
IBM Storwize SSD Storage
Multiple access protocols
Custom EUDC design and architecture

Disk Array Storage

Disk Array is a Disk Storage system that contains multiple disks. It differs from virtualization and RAID functionalities and works on specific Disk Array controllers, respectively Cache in the form of volatile RAM and non-volatile flash memory.

Redundancy is specified by controller components, power supplies, fans, etc.) so that all SPOF (single points of failure) are removed from the design.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Fiber Channel is a protocol made available for serial, continuous and high speed transmissions for large volumes of data. Storage Area Network (SAN) operates above the Fiber Channel standard. The transfer rates that can be achieved with this technology reach up to 32 Gbit/s with Gen6 Fiber Channel.
Fiber Channel assigns a WWNN (world wide node name) for each device and a WWPN (world wide port name) for each port of a device. This 64-bit value assigns all Fiber Channel devices a "unique identification feature".
Fiber Channel is also based on protocols such as SCSI or IP in the upper layers of the OSI layer model. This facilitates the use of existing drives and software. Fiber Channel reaches a useful data capacity of over 90%, compared to Ethernet where it reaches from 20% to 60%.

Redundancy level: +++
Performance level: +++

Secure and convenient access to your data

EUDC Cloud Storage converts your budget from CapEx to a OpEx model. Save resources, and most importantly, time, for migrating and scaling your infrastructure. Outsource your maintenance to a Data Center grade support team. Focus on business.

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